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Working with Dean... 

“I’ve worked with Dean for many years playing with him as part of a worship team.  Dean pays special attention to all aspects of a performance- from basic items like stage appearance to achieving the exact sound and balance that he’s looking for.  He is organized, and puts a lot of thought and effort into preparations of performances. His enthusiasm and passion for music shows in everything he does!"

Peter Vermilyea - Drummer


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Jordan Feliz

Victorious Life Christian Center, 755 N. Bonito Str, Flagstaff

Opening for Jordan Feliz!

Jordan Feliz is coming to Flagstaff & Winslow THE RIVER - Arizona tour is coming in April Apr 14 in Winslow Apr 16 in Flagstaff Come see Jordan Feliz LIVE ........

Here is link for Winslow https://www.eventbrite.com/e/jordan-feliz-the-river-arizona-tour-winslow-tickets-21025007363

Here is link for Flagstaff https://www.eventbrite.com/e/jordan-feliz-the-river-arizona-tour-flagstaff-tickets-21025047483